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Saturday, April 27, 2024
Regarding the Author

I am the sort of creature to hold a star in my palm and try to eat it.

Thank you to my mother for reading to me when I was small. You instilled in me then a love of story, word, manipulation of language and heartstring, that I have ever since cultivated into a wretched passion for writing. Fiction, and especially short fiction, has since become a home.

That is the core of me: the Author. Other details include: I am of average height. I am bilingual. One day I will publish novels and develop games. I am a desert lizard writhing in unexpected puddles which feel so distinctly like oceans. I have occasionally three names. Were I to name any particular emotional throughline that reverberates through my writing, and my self, I would call it "grief." Earthquakes are terrifying and inevitable. The shockwaves last longer, and spread farther, than you hope they do.