Hey there. Welcome.

This is NEWBIRD, a personal website for yours truly, cobbled together from premade templates (thank you, kind webmasters who came before me) and the occasional homegrown (read: dogshit) html. On this site, you will find things such as: a portfolio of my writing, my thoughts on books and games and such, links out to other pockets of the internet, and whatever suits my fancy.

My intention with this website is to give me a place to land softly. If it acts as such for you, too, that'll be a lovely bonus. Do stay awhile.

Site last updated: 13 May 2024 / 1:24 PM

Status: up to my ears in searching


27 April 2024

Reached the true ending of START AGAIN START AGAIN START AGAIN: A PROLOGUE and I am so excited to replay ISAT and get the achievements I missed and think about Loop, my good friend Loop, even more. Auughh!!! ...

15 April 2024

Finished reading This Is Our Summons Now: Poems by R. Joseph Rodriguez, who I had the pleasure of meeting and hearing read at an author event...

6 April 2024

I finished playing In Stars and Time after ~37 hours of playtime and I don't know what to do with myself. I've been weird for over a day. I am never going to be the same after playing this game. I...



5/13/2024, trudging

  • updated poetry page header
  • updated home status + author message

5/3/2024, broken out into the open

  • added a placeholder newbird button to the home page
  • added stamps to the home page
  • updated sources page
  • toyed with altering the skyline layout but got scared