Charlie M. Case

short fiction author & old molten memory

I'm an author of, primarily, short fiction. It is my best and favorite medium, and the one in which I have published the most pieces. I tend toward writing realism or altered world fiction, and themes that crop up often in my work are family, friendship, death, identity, and memory. One of my long-held aspirations has been to publish novels, and so I have been slowly working up to writing long-form work as well. I have also published some poems and nonfiction writings. On that note: the pieces listed on this page are all those that I have had published, online or not, in my writing career.

If you were to ask me who I am, before my name, before any other title, I would tell you I am a writer. This is the most important part of my identity; the most vital. I write for the sake of it, for the art; I adore spinning words into story. Writing is how I can show you the way the world feels to me. It's how I can take my muddled pieces and make sense of them. The best compliment I've ever been given was when a creative writing teacher of mine told me I have a recognizable style. The craft of writing is my greatest joy.

What else to tell? All my writing is, of course, informed by my life experiences and my selfhood—but my fiction is not about me. I would ask that if you read my work, read it for the sake of it, and not because you know me, if you do. Besides that, my work is informed by transness, and by two opposite coasts, by the media I've loved and the words that have curled in my mind and stayed there. If you recognize any of it, give it a wave for me. Thank you for reading, and if you would like to contact me for any writing-related reason, please feel free to email me:
charliemcase AT icloud DOT com

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